Services We Provide To You

We come to you – on the side of the road, at your house, or while your at work. We specialize in:

Cars-All makes and models, Foreign and Domestic!
Motorcycle- Most makes and models!
RVs- All makes and models!
Trucks-Light Duty and some heavy!

We come to you so there's no need to waste money on expensive towing charges. Most service calls are handled the same day. You can experience ZERO DOWN TIME!

Service Fees:

Up to 25 miles                         $25.00

25 miles and Over                  $1.00 each additional mile

After 10:00 pm                        $10.00 additional on fee

If I repair your vehicle the same day I come out, I will waive the service fee up to the 25 mile limit.

We can help you with everything from regular maintenance to complete restorations of older and classic vehicles including:

  • No Starts (engine will not turn over or turns but will not start) - battery, starter, ignition switch & lock issues, Security System diagnosis & repair
  • Overheating Conditions - hoses, radiator, water pump, thermostats, fan & controllers, blown head gasket
  • Electrical/Computer Controls - light bulbs, switches that don't work, window motors, wiring problems, computer diagnostics.
  • Is your engine light on? We can fix that.
  • Air Conditioning - charging and finding leaks in A/C system, repairs, replacement & conversion of A/C system
  • Mechanical Repairs - gas, diesel, and hybrid - belts & pulleys, brakes, engine oil leaks, transmission & power steering repairs and replacement, timing belts & chains, clutches, CV joints & axels, u-joints, struts, suspension, ABS & Traction Control diagnostics
  • And anything else you can think of!

We perform 30k, 60k, and 90k scheduled maintenance with quality parts, in less time for less money, to keep your new car warranty in effect. Scheduled maintenance performed somewhere other than the dealership will not void your new car warranty.

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